Fishers Track Trail

This relatively unknown downhill is a real blast and with the best part of 17km downhill dropping through the pumice and papa ridges and valleys off the Central Plateau, created by the eruption of Lake Taupo not so long ago, to the 3 house metrolplis of Kiatieke. For 900 - 400 metres the adrenalin rush is in your hands. 

The surface is mixed but has been recently up graded so that it would be classed as a grade 2 with some grade 3 sections, slightly more challenging than The Old Coach road but is achievable by all other than the very timid.

Both tracks are timed between 2-3 hours one way, with a welcome rest and refreshment at the end. Guide, transport cycle, equipment and refreshment at the end are all included. These are great adventures and can be achieved no matter what the weather conditions. 

Duration: day

Either 8:30am-12.30pm or 1:30pm-5:30pm

Complimentary pick up included from National Park and Whakapapa Villages at either 8am or 1pm. 

Group Size: Enter minimum 2 pax and / or maximum 20 pax