Central North Island Guided Rail Trails

Adrift is a personal and professional adventure company. We have been showcasing our beautiful country since 1999 and are based in National Park Village on the boundary of both the Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks. Both form the backdrop to our segment of the NZ cycleway.
We cater for local and international individuals, family and school groups and have vast experience at working with people of all ages and abilities, ensuring your adventure is comfortable, safe and fun. We offer guided trips, supply equipment, transportation and back up for those who want to enjoy their own adventure ADRIFT from all but themselves and the majestic environment.

The Central North Island Rail Trails are a new and exciting development adding to the must see and dos in the area including the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. There are 2 new trails, both of which have had major development re-opening historical disused tracks roads and railways for us to enjoy either by cycle or Shanks pony. These 2 new trails are The Old Coach Road and the Mangapurua segment of the Mountains to Sea Great Ride.

The Old Coach Road

Walking or riding along the historic cobblestone Coach Road through a bush corridor on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu is an exciting adventure, a journey back in time. Magnificent native Rimu trees, native falcons screaming through the air, pigeons flying between the tree tops, the curved steel lattice of the Hapuawhenua Viaduct and of course, the old railway tunnel.

This is a grade 2 cycleway which is appropriate for all including family groups with young children and those of us who are a bit older and dont want any challenges we cant handle.

Fishers Track

This relatively unknown downhill is a real blast and with the best part of 17km downhill dropping through the pumice and papa ridges and valleys off the Central Plateau, created by the eruption of Lake Taupo not so long ago, to the 3 house metrolplis of Kiatieke. For 900 - 400 metres the adrenalin rush is in your hands.

The surface is mixed but has been recently up graded so that it would be classed as a grade 2 with some grade 3 sections, slightly more challenging than The Old Coach road but is achievable by all other than the very timid.